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GPS of journeyWhat a surprise, the illegal (under international conventions the Australian government has signed) treatment of asylum seekers continues, with more and more evidence being unearthed to demonstrate that Scott Morrison has continually lied to us. Although no doubt as with John Howard and the 'Children overboard' saga, he will simply claim everybody else knew, but they didn't tell him. So the not only were asylum seekers deliberately burned by Australian armed forces personnel, but that boat reached Australian territory. Lies, and lies by omission: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-03-24/asylum-seekers-describe-boat-turn-back/5342210 Read this article, it is absolutely damming. GPS, video footage, corroborating stories from people now hundreds o miles apart. It's all there.


So. Rather than leave everything to Facebook and all the anoyances that entails I have ditched my account and turned my old site into a blog. There are some rather old overviews of my past work, a few random pages on my interests and, by default, whatever random stuff I've felt like posting.

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