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Slowdive 31
 Back in 1990 the bands that became to be known as 'Shoegaze' started to take off. Despite the hideous moniker, this was a great time for guitar music and the record label at the centre of it was Creation Records. Home to the band that started it all, My Bloody Valentine, they also unleashed Ride and Slowdive onto the world, before being destroyed by the abomination that was Oasis. All these bands had a dense atmospheric guitar sound that I just loved and I got to see them all live at some time or another, Ride early on in the tiny "Take Two" venue in Sheffield (long since demolished I think), My Bloody Valentine later at the bouncy floored Ritz in Manchester (still going as far as I know) and Slowdive at the Leadmill. With the music dominating the sound, people often took little notice of the lyrics, My Bloody Valentine seemed to amuse themselves with some fairly filthy songs, check out "Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)", the title is a fairly big clue as to the content! Anyway, My Bloody Valentine, after almost bankrupting Creation, didn't make another record for a very long time, Ride moved to an increasingly 60's tinged poppy sound, but Slowdive continued to develop their sound in their own way, before calling it a day. Their members forming various bands, most notably Mojave 3, which had a very quiet country type of music, but retained certain of Slowdive's sensiblities.

All three of these bands have reformed, My Bloody Valentine briefly, a few years ago, releasing an album of songs that were largely written before their original demise; Ride and Slowdive more recently. From the released tracks Ride's album sounds like the last, rather unintersting records they made in the 90's, but the new Slowdive record seems to be rather more intersting, recalling key aspects of their sound 20+ years ago, but also the work the mebers have done since then. Anyway, the Slowdive record has just been released and on a first listen, I think it's really great!  I recommend you buy it, or lListen to it on Spotify or whatever here.


So. Rather than leave everything to Facebook and all the anoyances that entails I have ditched my account and turned my old site into a blog. There are some rather old overviews of my past work, a few random pages on my interests and, by default, whatever random stuff I've felt like posting.

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